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Saturday, September 29, 2007

n = n + 3

Its during the same month, I started to blog 3 years before! In this time, my life has changed a lot (atleast more than the number of changes Google has done to blogspot! This is one area where Google is not showing enough focus. Particularly the HTML editor is buggy!) To tell truly, I can see that in the past 3 years I was driving my life in the way I wanted to. I had a good control of it. And no way, I will tell that - life took me somewhere and i just went by that way.

All these 3 years, I have had used my blog for
1) Expressing my view on some crap thing
2) Posting something which I have done in my life

Now, when i had a look at my posts, I found that I have made a total of 22 posts in 3 years (23, if you include this too). The number of posts in a year was indirectly proportional to my idling days. Its was in 2006, I had a huge workload in office, more mental/personal tensions, extreme frustrations, no-clear-goal-on-what-to-do-in-life etc etc. This reflected in the statistics - mere 2 posts in 2006!

Lets see where i'm going to stand in the next 3 years - :( or :) ??



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