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Friday, July 22, 2005

Ubuntu Installation

Last week, I installed Ubuntu Linux 4.1 code named "Warty Warthog" in my Dexter. The installation was neat and clean as was the Desktop. Ubuntu is a distribution done from Debian [which is my favorite Distro]. The menu system in Ubuntu made me to remember about Linare Linux for which I worked, while I was in college. I was responsible for Linare KDE theme creation, desktop looks and menu system in Linare.
I have bought Debian Sarge 3.1 DVDs. Expecting it to install this weekend. Debian is my favorite Linux for various reasons. Some of them are : its the biggest, stable-est and slowest distribution. Slowest in the sense, the gap in between two releases is very large, coz its creators concentrate more on stability and wide availability. A full installation comes in a 16 CD pack !! covering many architectures and contains almost all the packages. Not everything is fine tuned for the end user in debian and so the user has to sit and customise whatever he needs. And lastly, Its the favorite distro of Stallman, which he revealed when he came to my college during 2nd year.



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