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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gmail Bug

Recently I found a bug [not a serious bug] in Gmail and I filed it to Gmail Site. The bug is related to "Archiving Conversations" and it was filed as Bug #14306483. If you are interested in knowing about the bug, follow the steps that I have furnished below to reproduce it.

Steps to reproduce the Bug :

1. Archive a mail that you have in INBOX
2. Move to ALL MAILS
3. Select the checkbox of the mail that you now archived.
4. In MORE ACTIONS, Choose Archive.

Actual Result obtained : The Conversation is archived.
Expected result : The Conversation is already archived or You cant
archive a conversation which is already archived.

Also, I checked out that Gmail is currently, not working in Firefox 1.0 preview release and Mozilla 1.7.3.



Blogger venky said...

hey, u did a good job. even i experienced that but was not concious enough to come up.

8:04 AM  

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