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Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Ever Best Post

I have participated in some mailing lists and forums. But the ever best post that I have made, till now is to my powerelex_53 group.
One of my friend, once posted to our group, introducing himself, and felt a lot in his mail that he got dropped out from college and he has to do his remaining one year along with Juniors. For that, I "tried" to convince him by sending this following stuff:

Eric, do u know one thing: Steve Jobs [Founder of Apple Corporation] is a drop out from Reed College. He discontinued after his first semester itself. But he became a multimillionare even before the age of 30. Larry Ellison [Founder of Oracle] is a drop out from Univ. of Illinois. Gates [Founder of Microsoft] is a drop out from Harvard. Steve Ballmer [CEO, Microsoft] is a drop out from Stanford, Michael Dell [Founder of Dell] is too a drop out from Univ. of Texas. And now, Iam thinking, What eric ll be in his future, as he too is a drop out ?

I dont know whether he got consoled after reading the above thing. But it is my ever
best post.



Blogger venky said...

your best post was really good machi. even i read what eric had written then n was depressed but didn't know how to console him ,that was when your post came n i was really perplexed by the contents n tone. gr8 machi

5:12 AM  

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