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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Knoppix Linux Inside Windows VMWare

Recently I asked the authorities here in my office that I want a dual boot system with both Linux and Windows. But, as there was no need of having a dual boot system for my project going here, they denied to offer me. But anyhow I wanted Linux in my system.
Then, I got an idea : Try Virtual Machine, so that I can have multiple OS without even installing the OS in my system. Using this, I can have multiple OSs parallely. i.e at a particular time, I can work with multiple Operating Systems.
So I downloaded the 700 MB Knoppix version 3.6 iso file. Why I preferred Knoppix is, it’s a “live” Linux i.e you can boot it directly without installing that in your system. Then I installed VMWare Workstation 4.5.2 in my system. After some configurations, I was able to boot Knoppix without installing [ Normally, u have to install the OS inside VMWare to use it] in my Windows 2000 using VMWare 4.5.2.
VMWare is actually a virtual machine which enables multiple operating systems to run concurrently in the same system. It actually translates the calls made by different operating systems. Every Virtual machine has its own “Virtual” CPU, memory, disks, I/O devices. These virtual devices are mapped to the actual devices.
So, totally, if you see, it will be the sharing of system resources by all your virtual machines.
Also I was able to browse internet in my Knoppix within my Windows.



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Windows rocks!!!

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