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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mohana Vidyakaar

I was dreaming (maybe, like many others) while i was in college like this - "One day, when i get a job and when i start earning nicely, I should start helping some less fortunate in some way." That day came after 3 years of me getting a job which includes nearly a 6 month internet research on the non-profit organizations which are present in and around Chennai. Finally, I decided to go for Udavum Karangal. This organization is really doing a good work! Though, a bit delayed, they are prompt in their responses to our queries.

Mohana is the small primary school going girl whom I started supporting for education in the name of my appa & amma. The nice thing was - Udavum Karangal sent me the photo of hers and they have assured me that they would send even her report card every 6 months!

Here comes the objective of this post - This was posted not to boast about my doing. Because, my doing was nothing big or great to boast. I have seen so many others helping so much for the less fortunate. Mine was a minuscule. I would tell you that, its the duty & responsibility of every human to help the less fortunates. At least, the guys who think that they are quite well settled in life should start doing if they haven't. Moreover, it should be continued for long. Even, I should!

The thing which you reap back after starting off your support is "the extremely-elated-great feeling which one and only you can feel inside. You can never get such a feeling by doing any other great thing in life. I bet you! You can die for that!"



Blogger VK's tabloid said...

This is a really very good move and our heart knew no bounds if we step into these kinds of activities.

Hats off Senior ....Keep going ...

7:45 AM  
Blogger Sandhya M said...

My brother and I used to visit a place near our home frequently. Whenever we visit them, the children used to be excited and on the other hand both of us used to feel very happy.

I kind of feel that we take from them much more than what we give.

But, kudos for what you are doing. And hey I'd love to be friends with Mohana too!

11:16 AM  

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