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Friday, November 18, 2005

Zippy - The New Entry

It has been almost 2 months, my anna gave me a gift which he bought from US. He told me that he will get me a Laptop. But, as I told NO, he wanted me to tell anything else which I need. I wanted him to buy a mobile as well as an iPod Nano for me. But later, I thought that I shouldnt trouble him and so I decided to ask only a mobile. After doing a small research, I came down for asking him to get Nokia 6630 [I eliminated the option of Sony Ericsson - Poor battery performance, Failure to give more freedom to its mobile users. I mean, the software platform of SE is not open.]

My Nokia 6630 smartphone, nicknamed Zippy is powered by a 220 MHz ARM processor with 7 MB Ram. Below are some of its other specifications.
Phone Memory - 10 MB, External MMC - 64 MB, Camera - 1.3 MP 1280x960 pixels 6x Zoom, EDGE connectivity, USB-Bluetooth Support, Dimensions - 110x60x21 mm, Weight - 127 g, Display - TFT 65k Colors 176x208 pixels, OS - Symbian OS v8.0 Series 60 Platform v2.0 UI.

Upto my knowledge, almost everything is good with this model. The best thing I liked with this model is - its keypad (smooth and good), camera, sound quality and the software platform is open. Until now, I didnt identify even a single bug with its software.

The thing which I felt bad with this mobile is - I noticed that sometimes there is a huge delay between the time when I pressed the capture key (aiming to capture a particular position of an object) and the time, the mobile prepares itself to capture the target. Because of this, sometimes It captures the succeeding position of the object. This happens only sometimes and not all the times. The other thing is : its very hard to open the back cover of the mobile due to its complicated design. Its not a big problem to me as I wont be frequently opening the back cover.

Also another point worth mentioning is : Its good and easy to transfer mp3s and pictures between my Zippy and Dexter :)



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