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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oracle - First Level Exam

As evident from the title of this post, I'm writing here to tell that I have done a thing which so many others have already done in this world! I mean - I have just passed a mean first level exam of Oracle. Whatever maybe the case - I would say, its worth preparing & taking the exam instead of sitting idle @ home(as i was). Its even more worth if you are gonna face the exam without even looking at the dump questions, not even once! Brave you!

Oracle 10g is available for a free download in oracle website. The highlight is - its available in all major Linux packaging formats. 2 years before, I have seen that daunting task of installing Oracle in Linux. So many manual things were needed to be done in Linux before, during & after installation of oracle. But now, things have changed! I found that this Oracle 10g package comes with a nice "Sit back & relax" GUI installation. Wonderful improvement! ;)



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