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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Favorite Movies

These are some of my favorite movies and the shots that i loved. The list below is in random order :)

The Good, the bad, the Ugly - Sergio Leone
The intro of Ugly and bad without any dialogues was wonderful. Eli Wallach's (Tuco) script, expressions and acting was unrivaled. No one could have done better than him (Joe Pesci??). Tuco running in search of Arch Stanton grave while the camera focuses just him was nicely taken. Ennio Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold soundtrack in that scene was simply superb. Metallica & SF Symphony played cover for the same in their S&M album. Tuco's revolver buying scene, intro of the good, main theme and Mexican standoff scene were some of them that i can never forget.

Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese
This is a film that changed my impression about Robert De Niro. Martin Scorsese's innovative way of filming was evident right from the first scene where De Niro(Jake) shadow boxes in the boxing ring while the cast runs. Interestingly the last scene of the film also ends with De Niro shadow boxing. The final fight with Sugar Ray Robinson where De Niro punishes himself without fighting was excellently taken allowing me to watch De Niro's reactions staying from Sugar ray's side. At the end of that fight, when De Niro walks towards Sugar Ray and says "You never got me down". I liked the aggression and the violent attitude that was shown! I can never forget the scenes that showed blood dripping from the ring ropes and the wiping of wet sponges over the boxers' chest. The finest details were captured in such an elegant way. Martin Scorsese's father Charles Scorsese appears in this film. Both De Niro and Joe Pesci's acting was wonderful.

Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino
The out of sequence story telling was very creative and made me to think much to order the events. The tense situation coupled with comedy while giving Adrenaline shot to Uma Thurman was the one i liked the most. The vulgar script through out the movie was simply awesome. The diner scene from Tim Roth and Amandas point of view continues with showing the cast. Later, the end of the movie again comes to the diner scene and was shown in Samuel Jackson and John Travolta's point of view in a very nice way. Connecting and relating all the scenes and characters together in the movie without any error was superb. [During the adrenaline shot scene, Travolta asks for a black marker but he will be given a red marker pen. That's the only smallest error i found in the movie]. Samuel Jackson's cool way of handling Tim Roth in the end, his recite from bible, his outlook and his dialogues were all beyond any comparison. I loved this movie very much. Creativity was at its best.

Godfather I, II, III - Francis Ford Coppola
If I have to write what did I like about Godfather, this space wouldn't suffice at all. Italian-American directors and Italian-American actors are the best of creative people. This is quite obvious through this movie. I will make him an offer that he can't refuse :)

Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese
This is one of the very haunting movies that I have ever seen. Specifically, the "You talking to me" menacing speech that De Niro practices standing before the mirror. Jodie Foster was confident and marvellous. After getting a Mohawk haircut, De Niro attempts to kill the presidential candidate. John Hinckley Junior was so impressed with this movie, that he tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster in real. Unbelievable. Because of this incident, Scorsese's other film "Raging Bull" missed its chances to win Oscar. In one way or the other, John Hinckley made the right decision - Jodie Foster is much worthier than Ronald Reagan. Isn't she? :)

Goodfellas - Martin Scorsese
Another true gangster movie by the Italian-Americans. The one odd man out was Ray Liotta. I was surprised how an American was given a primary role in a movie that was directed by an Italian American :) Joe Pesci.. Joe Pesci.. Joe Pesci.. He is an incredible guy. I always wondered how his personality in real life is.

American History X - Tony Kaye
Is that Edward Norton? Look at his physique. Right from the very first scene (where two black guys come to steal Edward's father's truck) this movie was impressive. After Derek kills the guy by curb stomping his jaw and head, he kneels and surrenders to cops with a wily grin in his face. That was way awesome. The basketball game he plays to send the blacks off the court was another one that was simply beyond any comparison. Neonazi.. Mein Kampf.. Hate.. Violence.. Vulgar script.. Screenplay.. were all amazing.

Jackie Brown - Quentin Tarantino
A very realistic-like story. Without Samuel Jackson this movie would have been nothing. I never expected that he would kill Beaumont and the way he killed him.. lol.. I liked most of his 'bad' quotes. One such quote that i can still remember is "My ass may be dumb but I aint no dumbass" :) All in all, the storyline was exemplary and Quentin's way of telling was as-always impressive.

King Of Comedy - Martin Scoresese
This movie is very discrete in the way it shows the story of Rupert Pupkin (De Niro) who aspires to become a comedical talk show host. De Niro's never-say-die attitude looks stupid in one way but it shows his high level of energy. His determination to become the next Jerry Langford makes him to do crazy things. Scenes where De Niro imagines himself that he is the most famous host.. bigger than what Jerry is.. and Jerry envying him are outstanding. Scorsese tells through this movie that if you dream big, its not enough if you just work for it. You gotta have something more in you that holds and drives you to the end of road.

Rocky - Sylvester Stallone, Frank Avildeson
I didnt choose to watch an Italian American movie but it happened to be so. Another set of mafia people who have grouped to film a non-mafia masterpiece. Rocky sequel beautifully mixes love, life and friendship with the Italion Stallion's boxing life. Talia Shire does the best as an innocent reserved girl. The way she reacts when Rocky says Yo Adrien, I did it (in Rocky II) was her best shot. Carl weathers and Rocky's trainer Burgess Meredith were inspiring through out. Could anyone become tired of hearing Bill Conti's Rocky theme songs Gonna fly now and Eye of the tiger? I found in internet that these songs are even listened by battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan to inspire themselves. Take you back is another song that features in this movie which was written and sung by Sylvester's brother Frank Stallone. He acts as Rocky's neighbourhood singer in the movie. Every star in life cannot become so without determination, hardwork and dedication. So is Sylvester in his real life too.



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