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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chidren of Heaven

Coming september 2nd, Mohana will be 12 years old. At that age of mine, I always had only one thought continuously lingering in my mind. Once I return back to home from school, I always wanted to play cricket with my friends for a longer time. My parents would never agree to that and will forcefully make me to come home as early as possible to make me focus on studies. Sometimes, when i'm studying, I used to think about how well I played on that day and would be smiling within myself. Playing every evening was the one and only essential need of mine that time. I wanted nothing else. Well, I can say, I had everything else. My studies were monitored and taken care, my daily food was taken care, my schooling was taken care, my homework was taken care, my 'everything else' was provided and taken care by my family. I had to think about nothing other than playing street cricket.

I could not imagine myself how I would have been without any of those carings. Without that, you sure need a very strong heart. A very determined heart. A heart full of hopes and confidence. Such is Mohana's and every other child living like her. I always want to look up to them, when i need encouragement. They are definitely the children of heaven. May god bless them. Happy Birthday Mohana!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Mohana?

1:19 AM  
Blogger Sriram K said...

She is the one who is being taken care by Udavum Karangal..

3:07 PM  

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