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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I tweet!!

I tweet via twidge.

[metallicatony @ Dexter /home/metallicatony]$ twidge lsrecent
|kprav33n| The rain is here!
|metallicatony| Personas addon beautified my firefox! Themes for a
browser.. couldn't imagine!!
|kprav33n| 3G issues on my iPhone almost everywhere in the Bay
Area today. I had to turn off 3G to get any signal.
Battery is burning out too.
|atvelu| Web Trend Map
|kprav33n| If I run packet capture to know more about a problem on
a host, the problem doesn't occur. If I don't, then the
problem occurs. What a fun!

[metallicatony @ Dexter /home/metallicatony]$ twidge update "@kprav33n, Skipping Gym?? Another Happy day for you! :D"

Its neat, fast and command driven! Script and play with twidge! :D



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