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Thursday, July 10, 2008

TSB's B'day Celebration

This was the invite mail which i sent to all my Columbus friends on the eve of TSB's last B'day (2008). Everyone of us wanted to give an awful bums to TSB on his B'day and everyone erupted after this invite mail. Really! We had such a good party that night at our home, I can never forget in my life! TSB was beaten to death that day! :D

Here is the B'day party invite mail!!

Sriram X Kanniah
04/25/2008 03:05 PM
To: Abdul R Rasheed/C/OH/ONE@JPMCHASE, Arun Kumar Courtalingam/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Brenesh Stanslas Flowermary/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Chidambara Natarajan X Gopal/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Deepak Kumar Madhavan/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Dev Kumar X S/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Dhandayuthapani X Jaganathan/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Karthik Bhavani Shankar/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Krishnakumar X Rajagopal/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Madan P Muthuswamy/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Madan X Mahato/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Neaz A Kishore/C/OH/ONE@JPMCHASE, Rohit Unnithan/C/OH/ONE@JPMCHASE, Sabarish X Chandrasekaran/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Sankara X Vedam/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Sundar X Ganesan/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Varadarajulu X Ravichandran/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Ramakrishnan X Vedanarayanan/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Prasanna X Venkatesh/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Selva Y Kumar/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, Karthik S Subramanian/JPMCHASE@JPMCHASE, thesabfactor@gmail.com, shabbu007@gmail.com, metallicatony@gmail.com
Subject: Die, Die, Die my Darling!

Jigsaw killer loves to have deadly traps and cut pieces of his victim's skin into a Jigsaw Puzzle.
Leather face always wants to slash his saw to slaughter his victims and serve his cannibal family.
Dr.Lecter likes to kill and tickle the taste of human flesh in his tongue.

They are just fictional characters to throttle a hefty hit movie! Here are the real ones doing a real scene!!

Starring Star Studs
  • Maams as 10 catch looser!
  • Shabbu as Mallu accent Mental!
  • Neaz as the Bulb Dancer!
  • Bruni as Iyira meen p**dai!
  • Sundy as Vayakaattu paya!
  • Krishna as Kozhi Kaal Krishna!
  • Chida as The Palam!
  • Shankar Vedam as Psycho & Air***! (Double Act)
  • Dev as Old Fella!
  • Sriram as Hanu!
  • Dhandu as Yerumai!

Maams clamps TSB's head dead-hard in between the the wooden staircases of Polaris. Shabbu comes running with a sledge-hammer and slams TSB in the hardest possible way. Oops! TSB's head was torn off like a ham! Here is our gentleman Neaz who throws a necktie on TSB graciously and breaks TSB's esophagus elegantly. Bruni now comes with his brimming bust to fall on TSB's chest and chokes him to death. Sundy wears his sharp clawed glove and butchers a bloody pattern on TSB's spine. Krishna has a rusty sharp hook with him and jams it into the mangled hunk of lying TSB's flesh. Nasty! Chida walks with a scary scythe and his sick smile... to slice TSB's flesh into ribbons! Shankar starts his motorized chainsaw (his last b'day gift from his dad) and sinks it into TSB's Skull. Awww!!!... Dev brings Stella's sharp giant rock dil*o and nails into TSB's hairy hole. Here comes Sriram "flying" & ringing a bell ting ting ting... and c*str*tes TSB caressingly.
Then comes the big one! Dhandu with a Barbwire club! Now, he gives his wide heinous laugh... bashes with his wily mace and screams - Dinner is ready!!

Drinks, Snacks & Damages served!!
Live: 23:30 @ 8298 Polaris Parkway
Gear up for the Gruesome Gore!



Blogger Sandhya M said...

Real cool !!

4:26 PM  
Blogger Shabbu said...

dei machi add the replies also....

4:48 PM  

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