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Friday, March 30, 2007

Zion - The Artificially created Reality

So many days.. After so many fucking days Im posting in my blog. Just now I had a look at my blog. The last post which I made was on April 2006. Today is March 31, 2007. Oh my God! It’s a complete one year. I thought of posting many times in these days but I couldn’t. This life really kills me. Overcoming all my grievances and concentrating on what I need itself is really becoming hard. I may jump here and there in this post. Don’t mind that because Im boozed. Japan’s Socho drink is ruling my senses now. After we sat to drink only, we found that we had no mixing.. I mean pepsi or some other soft drink for to mix with liquor. So we were bound to take it raw and with some amount of H2O. My stupid friend Vignesh Pandi poured nearly half a glass of Socho for the last round and that’s doing its job inside me.

In the last post I had mentioned that Im working in Verizon. But im no more there. Im with a damn service company of India which is widely called as “The Government Company”. This is the 3rd company in my three years of IT experience. I believe that the list will grow grow forever because Im not fucking satisfied with any company. When I went to home last time, my mom told that some astrologist had pointed out to her that I will not be stable in my career and I will keep on jumping. When my mom told this to me, I thought inside “Surely mom, I will make that astrologer’s words true”. But, I didn’t utter a single word out. Because, if I do so, she would start crying. She would be crying without knowing what I feel inside me. Ok no sentis. Lets come to the topic of this post. Zion..

Zion is the latest member added to my family of three members (me – metallicatony, Dexter – My 400 MHz old PC, Zippy – My Nokia 6630). Zion is my laptop which I recently bought 3 weeks back through the help of one of my onsite friend TSB. Its a dream which came true. While in college I would be dreaming the days I would be owning a laptop and carrying it everywhere (as if I would be needing it every single minute). I felt great, when I bought it using my own money. I felt even great when I had a smoke after touching my laptop for the first time. From then, Im sleeping with it.

The main theme of this posting is why I named my laptop as Zion. I thought a lot before naming it [I have the usual habit of naming the things which I like the most]. Then finally I decided that it should be named as “Zion” for the following two reasons.

# The name of my college senior - Praveen’s PC was named Zion that time (I don’t know whether its still referred so). Even, I found that some of my juniors had used that name for their PCs in college while my PC was named as Dexter. Praveen’s system was the real machine which inspired many that time. Mainly he was inspired, which in turn inspired a whole lot of people out there in college. Without that there is no Praveen which means there are no followers. Thats why the name for my laptop is the same. Let this be my dedication for the great work Praveen’s PC did that time.

# The Matrix is one of the ever best films I like because of the concept of the film. It’s a lifetime achievement for Wachowski brothers though the last part of the sequel was a total flop. In Matrix, the only real world is called Zion which poses threat to the artificial Matrix world. Zion is otherwise called as “The artificially created reality”. This applies to my laptop too. This is really a wonder. An artificially created wonder. An artificially created real world for the true lovers of computers.

Snap of my Linux desktop will follow in the successive posts. At present I wont be able to take it coz im feeling very high. Understand :)
Here is a snap cap of my windows desktop. Windows XP with Vista transformation pack. I had installed Vista but i didnt find any good reason to keep it.

My Zion Windows Desktop



Anonymous Praveen said...

அட பாவி! தண்ணிய போட்டுட்டு கண்ணா பிண்ணானு எழுதியிருக்க. நான் இன்னிக்கு தான் இத படிக்கிறேன். என்ன பத்தி over பீலா விட்டிருக்க போல. வாழ்க Zion, வளர்க உன் Matrix பற்று!

1:32 PM  
Blogger Karthik said...

saravanan..neenga saga vendia neram vanthdchu..

1:25 PM  

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