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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Power War

Recently there were some hot arguments in our group "powerelex_53" saying that "Powerelex Girls are not participating in our group". This is what boys ask and girls say ...

Powerelex Guys : Our girls are not at all participating in our group. They just get attached to our group, listen and get all information from us, but they have never posted, not even forwards. But the irritating point is, they all, participate actively in "their" girls group. They can just put a CC to our powerelex_53 group while they post to their girls' group. They dont do, even that. We, boys, take a lot of pain and post to the group, whenever we have leisure time in our company. But these girls dont even care for that. According to us, We want to keep in touch with all [boys & girls], atleast through emails.

Powerelex_Girlz : Our Boys have no rights to talk about our participation. Have they mingled nicely with us in College? Then why do they bother about our participation now. Yah, We accept that we participate actively in our girls group. We think of posting to our powerelex_53 groups but something is stopping us from doing that, maybe the mingling factor...

In between, some macho hacker has cracked into girlz group. The Girls' FBI squad did some tedious, brain cracking investigations on this issue. Finally, Trinity has explicitly stated that the macho hacker is "me".

Great!!! Thanks a lot. You have shown great respect towards me!!! Keep Going...



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