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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

College Life

These days I feel a lot horrible as I have to get up early, get ready and come to office. Life has became Mechanical. Iam now made to follow some rules. But in College, I was like a free bird. I did whatever I like coz, there were no rules there for me, even for attending my classes.
So nowadays I even think that it will be very nice if I once again go there and study once again. If I had a Time Machine, I might have tried to adjust it to take me once again to the past.

I guess nothing could last forever, forever...
- Summer of '69, Bryan Adams.

But to tell the truth, If I think of studying once again from SKM, CNK, Nagarajan, Kannan, IG, the GREAT VV [Did I miss anyone ?]. Oh there is nothing horrible more than that. Thank God, I just came out of that hell [Department].

So Iam now feeling very comfortable with what Iam now...



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